If you are looking for warm and cozy live music for your party or event, you are at the right place.

I’m a singer, pianist and one-man-band and be hired for concerts, ceremonies, family celebrations and business events.

I can perform in many ways as an all-round musician or in specific styles.

Many top hits from the past and present are played in a tasteful and unique way to make every performance a success.


John’s career began at the Rotterdam Conservatory. As John was encouraged during training to hone his craft in several genres and instruments. This ultimately gave him a strong basis to perform a lot. He is a trained pianist and singer who now has a vast experience to perform in many ways.

Through his performances, his versatility and flexibility become obvious. (He is often called a ‘musical chameleon’ because of his many styles of music.) He sings and plays effortlessly in many styles such as pop, jazz, latin, country, soul, disco and even classical. His vocals can be in multiple languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

John Swaab has a passion for music and sees each performance as a unique opportunity to share. He knows how to make every performance a success and he is often asked back.

Due to his experience and flexibility he has managed to build a very large repertoire, which is suitable for a wide audience.

What My Clients Say

 “John has made our wedding a grand celebration. He has an impressive repertoire and is truly an all-rounder. He feels good that music fit a specific time at a specific group of guests and plays effortlessly request songs etc. Really quite great! Highly recommended.”