Over the years, I often received the same questions from my clients.

These are often questions regarding my performances, organization or me personally as an artist.

Hopefully here you can find answers to your questions. If you question is not listed, you can always reach me via the contact page.

1. Do you do this for your hobby or profession?
Both! I like to turn my hobby into my profession.

2. How long have you been playing music?
On my tenth I started at the local music school . Then I did the conservatory. After my study thousands of performances at all kinds of ensembles / bands and as a soloist followed.

3. Do you play multiple instruments?
Yes, I started on “organ” (light music) started at the music school. Gradually I started playing trombone in various orchestras. During my studies I had the trombone as a second instrument and played for many years in the Big Band of the Conservatory. I studied organ and piano ‘light music’ at the conservatory.

4. But you are also a singer?
Yes! The wife of my (main subject) piano teacher had discovered my hidden singing talent and encouraged me to do more with it. That is already quite a few years ago. She turned out to be an excellent vocal coach and has trained and supported me to develop myself as a singer. I am therefore very grateful to her!

5. How much space do you need during a performance?
The amount of equipment is adapted to areas where action is taken. This may be the size of a living room to a large stage. As a soloist, I use about 5 square meters. With the duo about 8 square meters. With the trio about 10 square meters.

6. What are the costs?
I’m assuming fixed prices which you can get via the contact page.

7. Are there any additional costs?
Basically not. Outside the Rotterdam region there are travel expenses. If the ‘loading and unloading’ instrument needs more time for example, thresholds and stairs, that will have to be submitted.

8. How long does a performance take?
That depends on the client. Overall, I am asked to perform at least a half hour until 4 hours. Sometimes it’s even a longer time. In every hour I take about a 10 minutes break. The pause is optionally filled with music CD of your choice.

9. How much time do you need to prepare yourself to start the show?
Normally, 20 to 30 minutes to put the equipment ready and set off if there are no obstacles, barriers or stairs. The latter is important to indicate when booking, so that everything can be ready on time.

10. Do you have a lot of equipment?
That may depend. Usually it is not more than really necessary for the area in which action is taken. I use ‘standard’ audio equipment for ‘vocals and keys’ accommodate 10 to 200 people. This may still be expanded with additional equipment for an even larger group of people. Furthermore, there is use of extra illumination provided when there is enough space.

11. What about the volume?
The volume and sound and beautiful sound depends on the quality of the equipment and proper adjustment of the equipment. The intention is that the dance or background music must be pleasant in the ears of the audience, and thus should never be disturbing. The sound volume can be adjusted if necessary in consultation with the client. The placement of the equipment in the festival area is important to have a good sound. Sometimes it’s needed to talk this out well in advance and to organize this.

12. Do you play acoustically?
Definitely! I can even sing without a microphone if the space is not too large. If there is a well-maintained grand-piano or piano on location, I would like to use it.

Optionally, if desired, also a contra-bassplayer and drummer could be added. If no instruments are present, I use a well-sampled instrument like a digital piano. For modern dance music I usually use keyboards